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bang you dead suga

aint gunna hurt us now

XbangX you dead biatch
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thanx wistful_pianist for the layout :)

so.. this is my community for whoever and whatever. first some rules and regulations.
+ join first and comment with your aplication and i just might add you:)
+ you MUST promote to get in
+ no harrasing other members if you do you will be warned then baned.
+ i know you are in school so act like it please try to spell things kinda correct. i dont expect you to be webster but i need to know what youre trying to say
+ you MAY act as if this is a journal. post how youre feeling and shit. maybe we can help you with some problems. dont be afraid to say anything no one here will judge you
+ BE NICE people here are sharing problems and they dont want you to be mean.
+ post icons, layouts, banners, whatever you can do that too. id love to see what you have.
+ when you comment put the subject as [[so cut my wrist and black my eyes]] so i know who read the rules
+ you CAN email or im me. just dont harrass me
+ dont even think about being rude to me. ill have my gabby right on you. and shell bring you down..


+ post your aplication within 2 days of joining
+ please put a picture of you in it one where i can see your face. if you dont know how or there are other problems email me or im me
+ please use this aplication i give you.

i cannot think of any more rules if you think of some more for me lemme know

copy and paste this

♥♥♥♥the mod♥♥♥♥


(made by gabby..babexmatic)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Brand new rating community for people 14+
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A different way of voting.
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A place to have a good time and make new friends :)

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